Belgium (2015 – present)

Refugees fleeing their war- and conflict-torn countries in the Middle-East and Africa have undergone terribly dangerous journeys to get to Belgium. Unfortunately, the steps to claim asylum in Belgium take months, often years. Secluded in refugee camps, not allowed to work, traumatised from the hardships lives they’ve fled, and unsure of their asylum verdict – parents carry too much stress, and children carry a lot of their parents’ angst.
Music and theatre activities are one of the best psycho-social aides to a child’s well-being. Wind-Up Penguin have to step in!

Projects: We at Wind-Up Penguin have toured Belgium in 2015, 2016, and are bringing our new improvised music-theatre show to the area this winter (2019-2020).

What to do? We have reached over 2000 children in refugee camps around Brussels and the rural Walloon Region, Belgium. Refugee children benefit from being close to nature, but haven’t got access to much in terms of cultural activities.