Summer 2015 project 1: Wind-Up Penguin Brazil

The Wind-Up Penguin are very excited to introduce their two projects coming up this Summer 2015!

Dates: from Monday the 20th of July to Wednesday the 12th of August

The team
• Elisabeth Swedlund (founder of Wind-Up Penguin, Bmus4 classical voice). Projects taken part in: all of them.
• Katie Macdonald (flautist, 2014 GSMD alumni). Projects take part in: WUP Romania 2013, Colombia 2014
• Bozhana Karadalieva (Bmus3 piano.) Projects taken part in: WUP Romania 2013, Bulgaria 2014 – organiser!
• Abigail Heath (Bmus3 clarinet). New member
• Jacob Coleman (BA1 acting). New member
• Caleb Roberts (BA1 acting). New member

All members are students or alumni of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London

21st of July-27th of July: in Rio de Janeiro.

28th of June-10th of August: in Braganza and Belem, towns situated in the Para region, in the north of Brazil
Our contact for performances: Diego Carneiro, a cellist and founder of the organization AmaZonArt, an organisation which brings music education to children living in secluded areas in Brazil and other countries of South America

Number of performances (followed by workshops): minimum 15

Venues for performances: schools, hospitals, orphanages, favelas, organisations for disabled children, and any other organisations for children. (Exact schedule to be announced soon!)

” I want to be part of the project because I think it’s hugely important to take music to children who don’t get easy access to it. COming from a privileged background where I got loads of musical opportunities it’s really important for me to try to give something back, and this seemed like the best way to do that ! “ Abi Heath, Clarinettist

The team, with Diego from Brazil