Bulgaria (winter 2014)

Show at Dragalevtsi orphanage, Sofia

Show at Dragalevtsi orphanage, Sofia

Children living in Bulgarian rural orphanages experience extreme poverty, segregation, and minimal leisure and culture activities. Wind-Up Penguin stepped in to bring a colorful Christmas show, during the winter of 2014.

In Bulgaria, 6 shows and 6 workshops were performed in these six orphanages:
9th dec – Konstantsa Lyapcheva
10th dec – s. Doganovo
11th dec – Sava Filaretov
12th dec – St. Ivan Rilski
15th dec – P. R. Slaveikov
18th dec – Dragalevtsi

Going to Romania and Bulgaria with Wind-Up Penugin over the last few years has been an incredible experience. The children we work and perform to often are not used to enjoying the carefree nature of being a child. To see them grasp the opportunity to be creative and have fun is wonderful and something which I hope they will treasure for the rest of their lives” Hannah Tyler, oboist

Bulgaria was a fantastic experience for all of us who went. We spent 10 days absorbing a new culture in a very interesting city, Sofia. Most importantly though were the children and teenagers we performed to in some very difficult and disadvantaged places. It is unbelievable touching to hear that for many of the children we did our show for, our visit was literally a highlight of their year. It is brilliant to know that we’ve had that affect on so many children and showed them instruments and things they may have never seen before, all whilst having a great time ourselves too !” Barney Medland, trombonist

You keep hearing how rewarding charity work is but the truth is you can’t even describe it until you experience it. Children were coming to me asking us to go back. That was one of the most beauciful experiences in my life ! ” Chavdar Mazgalov, project coordinator