We’d all heard about the thousands of refugees stuck in very precarious conditions in Greece. Alongside many other volunteers, we decided we’d have a go at helping those in need in Athens.

Dates: We hosted three projects in Athens: in April, July, and December 2017.

Where? Athens and surroundings, Greece

What to do? We toured a puppetry show in April, and a more general music-theatre performances in July and December. We brought songs, smiles, and stories to thousands of children who, after having fled war-ridden zones and precariously crossed thousands of kilometers, are still facing insecurity and violence in Greece.

Our team members: Leah Gayer (actor), Mhairi Gayer (actor), Valerie Sanders (violin player), Jessica Rhodes (actor), Isabella Brownson (actor), Elisabeth Swedlund (singer/guitarist), Edward Holmes (clarinet player), Lauren Brown (clarinet player), Verity Poulston (singer), Joe Partridge (singer / horn player), Anna Litvinenko (cello player), Vittorio Angelone (percussionist), Emma Canning (actor), Bianca Watts (harpist), Luke Maher (horn player), Chloe Lam (singer).