We’d all heard about the thousands of refugees stuck in very precarious conditions in Greece, Bosnia, and Serbia. Alongside many other volunteers, we decided we’d have a go at helping those in need in the area.

Dates: Since 2017, we’ve brought five music-theatre productions to Greece, and one to Bosnia and Serbia!

Where? We toured Athens, Thessaloniki, and all around Bosnia and Serbia.

What to do? Since 2017, we’ve shared music and theatre with over 5000 refugee children in Greece, Bosnia and Serbia. We’ve brought music, theatre, puppetry, singing, and a safe creative space in refugee camps, shelters, squats, NGOs, and schools. The situation out there is very dire for refugees – the lengthy asylum claim is extremely stressful. We bring a well-deserved breath of fresh air, laughter, and magic through our Wind-Up Penguin activities!