Greece and the Balkans (2017 – 2019)

We’d all heard about the tens of thousands of refugees stuck in very precarious conditions in Greece, Bosnia, and Serbia. Refugees having had to flee their war-torn countries, only to be stuck in overcrowded and unsafe camps. Refugees waiting for months and often years for an asylum decision. Children carry so much of their parents’ angst, alongside traumatic memories from having to flee their hope. No child should go through such insecurity in life. Alongside many other volunteers, we decided we’d have a go at helping those in need in the area.

Since 2017, us Wind-Up Penguins have brought six music-theatre productions to Greece, and one to Bosnia and Serbia.

We’ve brought a well-deserved breath of fresh air through music, theatre, puppetry, singing, and a safe creative space to over 7000 children in refugee camps, shelters, squats, NGOs, and schools. Check out these pictures for some smiles and happy moments!