Wind-Up Penguin theatre company – call for new members (Summer 2015)

Hi everyone!

We’re the Wind-Up Penguin Theatre Company, a group of music, drama, and technical theatre students. We create children’s theatre (music theatre, to be exact), and go abroad during our holidays to perform in orphanages, schools, and hospitals. We’ve been to Romania twice, as well as to Bulgaria and Colombia, and are planning two very exciting projects this summer, in Peru and in Brazil, for which we have a few spaces left!

If you…
•         love travelling or wish you could travel more;
•         feel like bringing music, theatre and smiles children who live in difficult circumstances ;
•         want to experience the trip of your lifetime alongside your friends;
•         are excited about collaborating with actors, musicians and techies;
•         want to take part in the creation and performance of a children’s play;


Then, why not join us! How does it work?

We are planning two (completely separate) projects this Summer.

Project 1: Brazil 2015
Dates: Monday 20th of July to Wednesday 12th of August.
Where in Brazil? First half in Rio de Janeiro, and second half near Belem, in the North of the country (think paradisiac beaches meet the Amazon forest).
Number of spaces: 4

Project 2: Peru 2015
Dates : Monday 17th of August to Tuesday 8th of September
Where in Peru? Mostly in Lima (capital city), with a few shows in the Andies (snowy mountains) and possibly near Macchu Picchu, and/or Lake Titicaca.
Number of spaces: 5-6


Each team of people will meet up from May to July (once a week) to create a piece of theatre for children from scratch, to then perform in orphanages, schools, and hospitals in places mentioned above – while exploring the country and having an amazing time!
Anyone is very welcome to join us – you don’t need to have done any similar work before!


We have a couple of last-minute spaces left for each project! Please do email me back if this sounds like the kind of project you’d be interested in taking part in, and I will get back to you promptly with more information (including what you need to know about budget etc).
More about us on our Facebook page:

For the team,

Update: all spaces for these projects are now filled up! If you wish to join one of our overseas projects teams, please keep an eye out on this website within the next few months!

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