Lebanon – Summer 2017

Over one million Syrian refugees have fled their country to little neighboring Lebanon. One out of five inhabitants in the country is now a refugee. Refugees who all live in very precarious settlements – that’s bits of wood covered in bits of plastic. Life is bleak, to say the least – so a giant dose of laughter, music, and epic Penguin theatrical storytelling was well needed!

We brought our toy-themed music theatre show and workshops to over 3000 children in refugee settlements in the Bekaa valley. We partnered with the organisations Salam LADC, World Vision, Makhzoumi, Syria Eyes, and others… to offer a professionally-crafted program of fun, music, and stories to many children in need of a smile.

Team: Elisabeth Swedlund (singer), Jack Holton (trombone player), Ed Holmes (clarinet player), Victoria Creighton (flautist), Mhairi Gayer (actress)