Mexico (summer 2019)

Over half of Mexico’s children live below the poverty line. This level especially high in rural areas and amongst indigenous populations. Around 2.5 million children and teenagers work, often in dangerous activities, such as construction or industrial labor, night shifts, or other jobs in which they are in contact with chemicals or other hazardous material. They often cannot go to school and access to the arts is often non-existent.

We believe every child on this planet should have access to the crucial elements of a healthy childhood: laughter, stories, games, and a safe space to play and be creative.

In 2019, we at Wind-Up Penguin shared new music theatre performance with children in orphanages, slums, NGOs, and special needs centres in Southern Mexico. We brought music and theatre to around 1400 children in vulnerable communities. We also aim to reach some of the Central American migrants making their way through Mexico to the USA. At a time when the western world is showing them messages of walls and hostility, Wind-Up Penguin want to bring a dose of friendship and laughter.