Romania 2012 (1st-10th of December)

'Little People' association for children with cancer, Bucharest

‘Little People’ association for children with cancer, Bucharest

Project coordinator: Ioana Macovei-Vleaceanu in association with Mark Twain International School, Bucharest.

In Romania, 5 shows performed
• one show + workshop for school children at the Ion Mano Cultural centre,
• one show at ‘Little People’ association for children with cancer at the National Oncology institute,
• one show + workshop at the Frunzanesti Preschool & Primary School,
• one show + workshop in Caritas association for children with Down Syndrome,
• one show + workshop at the Clineci school.

In addition, 5 workshops were delivered at the Mark Twain International School, Bucharest, in return for their sponsorship of the project. These workshops raised awareness of our mission with the students of the school.

Team members:
Rachel Coe (clarinettist)
Carlos Gomez Palacio (classical singer)
Ioana Macovei-Vlasceanu (classical singer)
Barney Medland (trombonist)
Tom Moss (bassoonist)
Anna Pool (composer)
Wesli Spencer (actor)
Elisabeth Swedlund (classical singer)
Hannah Tyler (oboist)

All team members are students or alumni of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London

My time in Romania opened my eyes to another possibility in the world of music – to reach out and enrich the lives of people in need, to feel the joy it brings into their lives for a brief moment and to see the inspiration it leaves behind. I have never felt so humbled. To decline this opportunity is to deny yourself the experience of a lifetime.
Rachel Coe, Bmus2 clarinettist