Romania 2013 (8th-18th of December)

Show at the Ion Manu Cultural Centre, Bucharest

Show at the Ion Manu Cultural Centre, Bucharest

Project coordinators: Ioana Macovei-Vleaceanu in association with Mark Twain International School, Bucharest.

As we had such a large group of people taking part (17!), we split the team into two, to create two children’s shows, which we performed in different venues.

In Romania, 10 shows were performed:
• two shows for school children at Ion Manu Cultural Centre,
• one show in Caritas association for children with Down Syndrome,
• two shows at the Valea Screzii orphanage,
• one show at the ‘Little People’ association for children with cancer at the National Oncology institute,
• one show at the SOS Satele Copiilor children’s community centre,
• one show at the AITA association for children with Autism,
• and two shows at Bucharest inner-city schools.
In addition, 10 workshops were delivered at the Mark Twain International School, Bucharest, in return for their sponsorship of the project. These workshops raised awareness of our mission with the students of the school.

Two classical recitals were also performed: One at the Brasov city hall, and one at a Bucharest music school.

Team members:

Show one:
Rodrigo De Vera (pianist), Anna Driftmier (stage designer), Carlos Gomez (classical singer), Katie Macdonald (flautist), Ioana Macovei-Vlasceanu (classical singer), Anna Pool (composer), Charlotte Skidmore (classical singer), Hannah Tyler (oboist)

Show two:
Adi Chase (composer), Rachel Coe (clarinettist), Jack Holton (classical singer), Bozhana Karadalieva (pianist), Barney Medland (trombonist), Tom Moss (bassoonist), Elisabeth Swedlund (classical singer), Sarah Sweet (stage designer), Emma Whyte (actress)

All team members are students or alumni of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London

We struggle to provide shelter and feed the children, but they need also spiritual food . Education is very important , so We apreciate your gift !!! Thank you ! You are allways Welcome!
Cristian, director of the Valea Screzii orphanage