This summer, three groups of Penguins are heading out to Lebanon, Jordan, Greece, and India, to perform new music theatre shows to disadvantaged children.

Our projects in Jordan and Greece will focus on working with child refugees. Both countries are receiving a very large number of migrants, and need all the assistance they can get to provide help to the many families who have had to fled their war-ridden homes.

Music and stories are powerful healing tools for those affected by trauma. Stories breed empathy, spark creativity, and bring joy. 

And in India, we shall be continuing our work of sharing the wonder of music and drama stories to children from slums and orphanages, children who very rarely have access to any kind of artistic education or activities.

Team Greece: Megan Bird (singer), Emma Kenrick (flautist/music therapist), Chloe Lam (singer), Ruth Dingle (horn player), Corey Mylchreest (actor), Caleb Obediah (actor), Omar Bynon (actor), Jordan Murray (percussionist)

Team India: Isabella Brownson (actor), Lottie Fraser (actor), Zoe Moore (actor), Bianca Watts (harpist), Ed Holmes (clarinet player), Frank Wakler (horn player)

Team Jordan: Elisabeth Swedlund (singer/guitarist), Julia Hamilton (violinist), Lauren Brown (clarinet player),  Johanna Harris (singer), Louis Laudau (actor), Jay Jones (actor), Patrick Riley (actor)