This summer, four groups of Penguins are heading out to Lebanon, Greece, Brazil and Mexico, to perform new music theatre shows to disadvantaged children. We’re incredibly excited to be able to share music and theatre with over 5000 children over these projects!

Donate to these projects here: Mexico , Greece, Lebanon, and Brazil .

Our projects in Lebanon and Greece will focus on working with child refugees. Both countries are receiving a very large number of migrants, and need all the help they can get to provide logistical and humain aid, to the many families who have had to fled their war-ridden homes.

And in Mexico and Brazil, we shall be continuing our work of bringing music and drama to children from slums and orphanages, children who very rarely have access to any kind of artistic education or activities.

Team Greece: Olivia Petryszak, Alexandra Stephnson, Lydia Ward, Frank Walker, Elisabeth Swedlund

Team Mexico: Zoe Moore, Daisy Corder, Caleb Obediah, Edward Holmes, Daniel Bowerbank, Bianca Watts

Team Lebanon: Jo Hill, Lauren Brown, Ruby Bower, Lucas Houldcroft, Ross Carswell

Team Brazil: Julia Hamilton, Tal Naveh, Pippa Scourse, Elisabeth Swedlund

As usual, each of our Penguins is fundraising for the cost of their project. None of this importantwork could happen without you, our wonderful supporters. Any help would be incredible!

Zaatari refugee camp, Jordan, August 2018

Zaatari refugee camp, Jordan, August 2018